Organisation Profile

Organisation Profile


Partners for Hope Stabilization and Transformation (PAHSTA) is a non-denomination faith based National NGO, with local roots in Karamoja, and has its Secretariat in Moroto Municipality. Founded in 2008, and registered in 2013 as Karamoja Integrated Development Programme (KIDEP), the organization rebranded in 2022, as Partners for Hope Stabilization and Transformation (PAHSTA). The Organisation was founded in response to the low levels of social wellbeing that vulnerable communities are submerged in as a result of endemic poverty, poor crop yields, low food and nutrition capacity, and which are further compounded by low literacy levels, limited employment opportunities, limited health care; insecurity and the harsh vagaries of climate change.

The name PAHSTA is derived from the organization’s approach to development:

  • PArtners: Appreciating work, not in isolation, but in partnership with others (state and non state actors, and also rights holders)

  • Hope: The feeling of expectation and desire people in a distressful situation develop after going through initial sets of psychosocial, and software activities

  • Stabilization After hope is realized, the people previously in distress transit into a situation where they become or feel more secure, stable and unlikely to relapse or change. Activities go beyond humanitarian relief to foundational support for resilience and development, physically, and psychosocially.

  • TrAnsformation: After the people in distress are stable, then follows processes in which increases, in proportion of their social and economic outputs, are generated not only through basic agriculture practices, but also other diverse enterprises, including IGAs, education, skilling, employment, and innovation.

PAHSTA is non-partisan; an Equal Opportunities and Gender Sensitive Employer; and strongly intolerant to Fraud & Corruption; Sexual Exploitation and any other form of Abuse or Discrimination.

PAHSTA promotes Human Rights Based Approaches to development and its cardinal philosophy looks at treating all individuals as equal even before God, and deserve equal treatment and equal rights, equal participation, regardless of age, gender identity, nationality or ethnicity, political affiliation, religious or cultural belief, disability, social class, or orientation.

Organisation’s Mandate: Delivery of acceptable social and economic enhancing services, to the expectation of the rights holders and other stakeholders.

Organisation’s Niche: Use of meaningful participatory development approaches and processes in all our interventions.

We also recognize rights holders as experts in their own right; and strive to infuse their indigenous, with the modern, knowledge and co-creating practices, to enable them have control over their own development at all levels, for effective continuity and sustainability. Through this, we build relationships within the community, influence positive mindset change; improve understanding of their environment, existing resources and capacities, and engage in designing and implementing activities that contribute to their wellbeing and develop their resilience to common hazards.